The water cycle, axis of the brand Life Celsius

24th March, 2017.- The European Project Life Celsius, led by Acciona Agua, has adopted a logo that represents the water cycle.

Water cycle

Acciona Agua and Agencia EFE, Project partners, have launched the logo, with a simple and direct design, when Life Celsius reaches the equator of its journey which will last until September 2018.

The brand conveys the basic lines of an initiative based on the purification of waste water with the highest energy savings, the lowest CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and the maximum elimination of organic matter and nutrients, to be returned to the environment, enabling to reuse it in activities such as agriculture.

“In fact, the expectations are to exceed 90 percent of organic matter removal and the same percentage of nitrogen compounds.”

Life Celsius

Life Celsius will implement, throughout the three-year duration of the project, an innovative system based on saving 60 percent of the energy needed in wastewater treatment processes and biogas production.

This system combines the use of anaerobic technologies – requiring less supply of oxygen than that used during current treatments – and taking advantage of environmental temperature, enabling to do without external heating required in other purification processes.

The Water Waste Treatment Plant in Archena, is one of the most propitious sewage plants for the implementation of this technology, due to its location in one of the warmest zones of Spain.


Traducción: Carmen Gilson

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