Gloria Gómez, ingeniera química de Acciona Agua. EFE/Alberto Jiménez

Quality and savings, the perfect tandem

8th February, 2017.- In accordance with the Life Celsius project, the pilot plant installed at the Water Waste Treatment Plant (WWTP) of Archena (Murcia) has the objective of demonstrating the viability of a system of treatment of these waters with lower energy consumption and less C02 emissions, suitable for warm climates.

Quality and savings

Gloria Gomez, Technician to Acciona Agua, is responsible for the maintenance and control of the pilot plant, which evaluates the characteristic parameters of the effluents, the energy consumption and the quality of the biogas produced.

The concentrations of the different compounds, such as ammonia, nitrite or nitrate-, the degree of alkalinity or PH help Gloria to evaluate the process.

Optimum results

The Life Celsius project is already at its second phase of development of this system, which already works with real effluent and has yielded the first desired results.

According to Gloria Gómez this technology “will obtain a water suitable for re-use with lower energy costs than conventional treatments, which is a very interesting option in areas such as Murcia, where water is a very scarce”.

Elimination of nitrogenous substances

The Life Celsius project, has launched, on an experimental basis, a team responsible for the elimination of nitrogenous substances at the Archena WWTP, taking advantage of the effluent entering it.

Gloria Gómez explained to EFE that “the optimal conditions of operation for the process are given and the energetic savings are already being generated”.

Acciona Agua expects that this technology will save 70 percent of the total energy consumption compared to conventional treatments, which will also result in a decrease in the emission of greenhouse gases.


Traducción: Carmen Gilson

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