ACCIONA Agua is world leader in the efficient management of a natural resource as limited and scarce as water. To maintain and strengthen this leadership, the company is committed to Research, Development and Innovation. This research effort allows the construction of new plants with the most advanced technologies, with an emphasis on reducing energy consumption, minimizing odors and noise, and favoring the reuse of water.

ACCIONA Agua has a dedicated R+D+I center in Barcelona, which has a team of 30 highly qualified people dedicated to research and development applied to the study of new processes and technologies for desalination, purification and reuse.

For its part, the EFE Agency, with a presence in 120 countries, is a worldwide reference in Spanish news, and its environmental information platform is meeting point for all sectors concerned with the environment and journalism committed to biodiversity, renewable energy, water of sustainable development. EFE participates in Life Celsius through EFEverde, the direction of environmental, scientific and technological information, leader in the production of these informative contents.