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European project LIFE Celsius launches information channel on the Internet

29th January, 2016.- The European project Life Celsius, led by Acciona Agua and aimed at reducing up to 60% of the energy consumption in the purification of wastewater in hot climate regions, starting today, has its own information channel through the web http://www.lifecelsius.com

This cyber page contains all the information related to the project, its objectives and technology to be used, together with relevant information related to water management, one of the most important and most valuable resources for human development.

Life Celsius is an initiative selected by Life program, the financial instrument of the European Union for environmental protection and fight against climate change. The overall objective of LIFE is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental and climate policy and legislation by co-financing European added value projects.


The main objective of the Project Life Celsius is the implementation of a new process of elimination of organic matter and nitrogen compounds in waste water.

It is a question of diminishing to the maximum the energetic consumption of these processes and thus the associated emission of greenhouse gases, also generating significant economic savings. In Spain, the purification of 3,000 hm3 / year of urban wastewater is equivalent to 1% of the energetic national consumption, according to data from The Energy Saving and Diversification Institute.

According to Acciona sources, the technology to be applied will employ an anaerobic membrane bioreactor for the removal of organic matter, in combination with a two-stage nitrogen elimination system: one of partial nitrification and another with an anammox biological reactor.

The processes to be studied can be scaled in real plants of warm climates in European countries of the Mediterranean basin but also in other parts of the planet like Latin America, Middle East and other Asian countries.

EFE News Agency participates in this Project, transmitting to society not only the successive developments of this initiative, but the importance of the water cycle itself, channeling the information through its platform of environmental journalism, Efeverde.

Life Celsius develops since October 2015 in the pilot plant of the waste-water treatment plant in Archena (Murcia) and will last for three years thanks to an investment of nearly one million euros.


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