Life Celsius presents Layman’s report of the project

The Life CELSIUS project has presented its Layman report, which provides an overview of how this initiative aimed at developing sustainable, energy-efficient treatment for hot climates has developed over the course of three years.

The document provides a summary of the main results of research into how to reduce energy consumption in wastewater treatment using non-conventional technologies.

Written in Spanish and English, the text includes an introduction, the project, main activities, results, socio-economic impact, the next steps of the research and conclusions.

The Layman report can be read here:  Celsius Layman´s report

After Life

However, Life Celsius does not end here: the responsible team has prepared an action plan to continue disseminating and communicating the research work over the next few years, once the funding has ended.

This second report includes, among other actions, continuing with the dissemination of the results, developing a communication strategy for subsequent actions and identifying new lines of derived research as well as future collaborations for R&D and demonstration projects.

It can be consulted here: D.E.3.After-LIFE Plan_English version


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