Anammox bacteria. Image: ACCIONA Agua

Acciona Agua and the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA) collaborate to improve anammox processes

30th May, 2017.- The lab-scale study will simulate the effect on the above mentioned bacteria if the system was not capable of eliminating the organic matter in the previous stages and would thus avoid exposing the process in the pilot plant, where the anammox phase could be irreversibly destabilized.

The annammox process

However, the results obtained may be implemented in larger systems and will serve to develop real-scale anammox processes, prepared for cushioning or counteracting imbalances of this type in the process train.

The optimum conditions for the anammox process -which performs the conversion of ammonium and nitrite to nitrogen gas in anaerobic conditions or in the absence of oxygen-, require a low concentration of organic matter that does not interfere with the degradation of ammonia and nitrites.

Collaboration strategy

The collaboration is part of ACCIONA Agua’s strategy of combining experience and business orientation with the most avant-garde research, for which it collaborates with Spanish and international entities from its R & D & I Technological Center in El Prat del Llobregat ( Barcelona).

The Catalan Institute for Water Research Foundation (ICRA) on itself, is a benchmark in research of the integral water cycle, of its quality, water resources and technologies for treatment and evaluation, with particular emphasis on the rational use of the resource.

To do this, it investigates the impacts of drought and quality aspects in the treatment and reuse of water, in order to provide a global, efficient and competitive response to the problems and challenges associated with this resource.

This collaboration with ACCIONA Agua is part of its strategy to promote research, both basic and applied research; knowledge and technology transfer, as well as innovation and provision of scientific and technological services to public and private institutions and companies.


Traducción: Carmen Gilson

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